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Please read thru all the server rules as it does have crucial information in it, and information that would be necessary in any roleplay scenario, we also recommending having it open at all times during your gameplay, if you have any problems with any of the rule then please go to an Administrator or above.

In-Game Staff Team
The in-game staff team can be spotted sometimes driving an administrative vehicle, you can easily walk up to them and speak to them and when you do this roleplay will immediately end for the people talking to the administrator and the administrator him/herself. If you walk to up to an administrator during a roleplay scenario you may receive the appropriate punishment.

Cheating & Exploiting
0.1: Using any kind of a cheat menu unless being a part of ths staff team to take any advantage over other members of the community.
0.2: Cheating can be a permanent ban, if deemed bad enough by the staff team.
Examples of Exploiting
  • Duplicating either money or items.
  • Logging in of other players as that is breaking roleplay, or logging during any kind of on-going event / scenario.
  • Abusing any type of bug in game to benefit yourself or other players, or give you an advantage above others.
  • Going AFK while on-duty as EMS or the Police, as this can be looked upon as paycheck farming, or abusing the paycheck system.
  • Using the taser as a civilian, or abusing the taser as EMS.
  • Talking to people thru building walls.
  • Sharing information with civilians (unless roleplay) while being either a cop or medic.
0.3: If you have been banned from the server you may not join on another account unless your standing ban has been lifted, if caught you will be banned from everything that has anything to do with the server / community.

Roleplay & Metagaming

1.1: You may not break role-play no matter what unless you approach or have been approached to by a staff member.
However, you may type controls in chat for new players as long as you use the /ooc command.
1.2: Chat will be used for roleplay unless the /ooc command is being used, if you're typing out of character things in chat while not using that command, then you will most likely be approached to by a staff member.
1.3: Even though you can see a player's in-game name above their heads you are not allowed to know their name unless they tell you their name. You may know an officer's last name and first name initial by reading their badge name. However, if you want his/her full name you have to ask for it, you may not put up a roleplay complaint against an officer without his/her full name and rank.
1.4: Stream sniping is a bannable offense, you may not target anyone just because they are streaming and having fun that way, you may not stream while on-duty as a medic or cop during trainings, or as a cop during a hostage situation, bank operation, when you are speaking to a higher-up in the police, or solving a problem with the members of the community / staff member.
1.5: If you are restrained and people roleplay that they have taken your phone, radio, so on, you may not continue talking with other players out of the game, unless you don't say anything about what's happening in game, you may continue streaming if this happens, but other people CANNOT find your location/colleagues using the stream.
1.6: Always have a good reason of the things you do in the game or in the community in general, such as being initiated on, somebody stealing a vehicle, robbery, and so on.

Roleplay Initiations & General Rules


2.1: If you start combat with one player/initiation in game, and they have gang members on they are allowed to defend their gang mate and shoot you, however, if their gang has not been announced, then the initiation would become invalid if their gang mate were to shoot you.
2.2: If you are tased by the police then you are allowed to shoot them if you get up in time to do so, but if the police officer has obvious advantage over you and is pointing a taser or lethal at you, you have to listen to the officer's commands, if not you would be fail-roleplaying and could receive any necessary punishment for your actions.
2.3: Hovering over other aircraft would be considered initiation unless you are clearly not blocking the air space for the other aircraft to take off.
2.4: VDM is not allowed unless the person you are ramming is also in a car, you may not VDM civilians walking around or people on motorcycles, if this rule has been broken then you may receive the appropriate punishment.

New Life Rule

3.1: The New Life Rules starts when:
  • Your character has died in a roleplay situation/scenario.
  • Your character has been involved in an accident.
3.2: The NLR-rule or New Life Rule is a rule that says that you may now go within one mile of the area where you last deceased for at least 15 minutes, and you can not remember any names apart from your gang mates or friends. (Cops can't remember civilian friends, and civilians can't remember cop or medic friends.)
3.3: If you die you can't come back to the same role-play scenario if it's still on-going 15 minutes after you've died.
3.4: You can't come back to retrieve a vehicle no matter what, if it's your vehicle and you had it before you died, then you can't come back to get it after you've died.
3.5: The NLR-rule does not start when you have been VDMED or wrongfully RDMED


4.1: Never advertise in the community, if you have been spotted or reported doing so you may receive a permanent ban from the community.
4.2: Trying to sell items that have nothing to do with the server is a bannable offense, you are permitted to sell in-game items, or start bids for in-game items on the forums. However, you are not allowed to sell any in-game items for real money to others.
4.3: Do not advertise any other Teamspeak, discord, websites or server within our community.